My names Lacey and this is where I put RuneScape things~ ❀‿❀

RSN - Flowur
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Since nobody acknowledged this, I will. 

Over the past month, a player on RS named B0aty has been streaming everyday in July. B0aty is the biggest RS streamer at this time and he took advantage of it in a good way. 

When streaming, most streamers that receive a subscriber button have the opportunity to play ads in there streams to earn a little extra revenue. 

He doesn’t like playing ads in his streams because he makes enough from donations from other players/viewers. However, in the month of July he played an ad every hour to build up revenue for this charity live stream. 

B0aty raised $85k dollars in two 12 hour streams towards the MacMillan Cancer Support charity. 

Why is this so amazing?
Compared to other games, RuneScape doesn’t generate enough viewers compared to League of Legends or other games, so someone like B0aty being able to raise this much money for such an amazing cause is…no words can describe it. 

Good job to B0aty for raising $85,000 dollars and donating $6500 himself. 

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I should get a gym membership instead of runescape one

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my character is hot, if u disagree too bad because u cant

Anonymous:What is your favorite skill and least favorite skill?

my favorite skill is divination because i have 99 already, i think the wisps are pretty, and divine locations are cool, least favorite is agility because fuck that shit

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Anonymous:Congratulations! You were victorious again!!!!! Keep it up! :)

Thank you, idk what i did but cool????  you also sent this msg like 6 or 7 times, nice

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